Simon and Garfunkel Sound of Silence

I get the chills listening to songs like this. “The Sound of Silence” is the first Simon and Garfunkel song I ever discovered, and it is timeless. My buddy, Paul Garns, is an old soul with a deep love for Sixties music; and when we decided to record a few Simon and Garfunkel classics, we knew this one had to be included. If you’ve seen our other videos, (Homeward Bound & The Dangling Conversation) you know that we sat down and recorded these songs in an empty house one evening without any editing or artificial tuning. Pay no mind to my mistakes, but enjoy the sound of all-natural music!



I hope you enjoyed listening to my cover of Simon and Garfunkel Sound of Silence! Comment on Facebook requests of covers you would like to see me play!



ASU Music- Rick Hale Blog


When I attended Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey School of Business, I knew I might someday return, but I thought it would be for a graduate degree. I wouldn’t have guessed that my return to my alma matter would be to perform on stage.

I was recently invited by the ASU Programming and Activities Board to play the guitar and sing for students as they made their way past the Memorial Union Building (MU) at ASU. At first, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I assumed the audience would mostly be apathetic to my one-man show, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to just be background music for two hours.

I actually ended up being quite pleased with the whole experience. The stage is located in a central hub where lots of people hang out and pass by. The sound setup was great, and the hosts were very amiable. I was impressed with how friendly everyone was. I got the occasional thumbs up and approving waves from passersby, and several people even stopped to enjoy the music, although usually it was brief.

As I played there on stage, with sweat dripping down my face and mosquitoes taking advantage of my defenseless situation, I felt really happy. Who knew I’d one day return to ASU to play songs I wrote? It was good to be back, and I’m thankful for the invitation. Go Devils!

Rick Hale live at ASU!

Homeward Bound Simon and Garfunkel

Rick Hale is best known for being a singer/songwriter, but he does like to pay tribute to some of his favorite artists/songs by doing a cover. One of his favorite covers is Homeward Bound, Simon and Garfunkel.



Rick sat down with fellow musician Paul Allen Garns in his sister’s vacant house and recorded a few of their favorite Simon and Garfunkel numbers. It’s just raw, unplugged, unedited music. Paul and Rick are incredibly talented, and the natural reverb of the room provided a great experience. The results were amazing! The video for Homeward Bound is the first to be released in a series of Simon and Garfunkel covers. Follow Rick Hale on Facebook to catch the next Simon and Garfunkel Cover, and checkout his original songs.

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Homeward Bound Simon and Garfunkel. Rick Hale Music


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