Fly Me to the Moon/Lucky (Sinatra/Jason Mraz & Colbie Caillat MASHUP)


Can’t Sleep Love/Sunday Morning (Pentatonix/Maroon 5 MASHUP)


Where the Good Girls At Music Video


Descending Music Video


Brightness Music Video


This was the first of several videos to come along with the release of my new album (release date: May 28, 2015). There were more than 50 people involved in six different video productions! This particular video captures many of those faces, along with some of our favorite moments (and bloopers) that didn’t make the final cut.


Rick Hale and the Nationals covering Beatles’ “Saw Her Standing There”


Rick Hale original “Settle For Our Lives”


“Settle for our Lives” outtake video


“Say” Remix Music Video


Rick Hale original “Our Secret”


Rick Hale original “Remember”


A lot of people know Rick Hale through music. But there are some, especially the older folks, who learned of Rick through the Price is Right.