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Rick Hale | Singer Songwriter

Uncle John

John Mayer has had a tremendous influence on my songwriting and guitar playing. I always wanted to meet him and thank him for that, but I figured if I ever happened to run into him, our conversation would probably be brief and forgettable. So I wrote this song to try to reach him. Feel free to share it and tag John Mayer (along with the hashtag #UncleJohn) in your post to help me reach him. Thanks! XOXO



This video explains the whole idea…




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Rick Hale is a singer/songwriter from Mesa, Arizona known for his smooth vocals, meaningful lyrics, and dynamic writing style that refuses to be pegged to one genre. He has been playing the guitar and writing music for about 15 years and in that time has produced two albums. 
One of the songs and music videos from Rick’s Brightness album, Descending, has become a rallying cry for substance abuse awareness. The music video was presented on the lawn of the Arizona State Capitol as a part of Arizona Governor Doug Ducey’s campaign against drug addiction, and the song was also featured in the film “Welcome to Where You’ve Always Been.” This topic has become a speaking platform for Rick, and he and his little brother Ryan, an example and proponent of recovery, travel to speak about how substance abuse has impacted their family of eleven.
One of Rick’s recent singles, a mash-up of Maroon 5’s Sunday Morning and Pentatonix’s Can’t Sleep Love, climbed to #3 in the world on Spotify’s Viral charts, and even landed him #4 on a Billboard chart ranking viral music, among other artists like Drake and Prince.
Music became Rick’s full-time career only after receiving his finance degree from Arizona State University and then running a paper shredding company for a few years. Since committing to performing and songwriting, he has been aptly dubbed a “stay at home rock star” as he writes music while tending his two-year-old son. He and his wife have been married for six years and are currently expecting their second child.